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Complying to European Standards E115-1 : 2008, AI: 2010, IEC 61508 & Local standards.

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Refined yet resilient, moving customers and tenants in ways that guide and delight

Our escalators are safe, reliable and designed to integrate seamlessly with your building. Our moving walks are engineered to be whisper quiet and smooth. Both are custom-made to complement your building’s unique environment.


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  • ARM 32 embedded micro processor
  • Basic points: 36 points input and 24 points output and extended to 68 points input
  • Frequency conversion, star-delta is available to choose, operation and repair model is available to choose.
  • Key input, LED display, parameters to be set up and history record to be stored.
  • Automatic diagnosis of defect and history record can be stored with capacity of 1000 items.
  • Long-distance control communication interface (RS485 and CAN)
  • Real-time clock for power failure protection The systems meet with European standard : EN115-1 : 2008+A1 : 2010 and IEC61508 on the corresponding requirement of the programmable electronic safety related systems. The system uses the security controller: G9SP, the controller itself is certified by TUV safety protection comes to SIL3 level. The system uses dual channel self-diagnosis and other advanced monitoring method, which also has passed the testing from the Rhine technology (Shanghai) Co., LTD. Safety protection comes to SIL2level, and getting CE certificate.
  • The system mainly has the following features:
  • Design according to the needs of SIL
  • Multiple redundancy, monitoring of each input electric for every security monitoring (main engine speed, escalator step missing monitor, handrail belt speed detection, etc.)
  • Superior system self-testing
  • Compatible with all kinds of system, PLC, PC board system, etc.
  • Good electromagnetic compatibility EMC
  • Systematic solution making escalator control products more outstanding